Notes of a Technical Nature

As the Kethy range is manufactured using different base materials the characteristics may differ from one range to another. Different manufacturers use different production techniques and base raw materials. Some finishes may vary even if the same description is used. These variances may include colour, texture and weight.
All Kethy products are finished with the latest surface treatments to provide the longest life possible, prolonged use and varying climate conditions may cause some finishes to deteriorate over time. This is a natural process and does not indicate a fault in the manufacture of the products.
Brass is noted for its colour and beauty, however it is also subject to some natural discolouration over time. Our brass products are coated with the finest lacquer available, even these have some limitations and may alter over time and with varying amounts of use. Therefore brass products cannot be guaranteed unconditionally.
Some base materials and finishes are more suited to adverse conditions than others. Please contact us for advice if you are specifying hardware for use in harsh conditions.

Product Care and Maintenance

For knobs and handles we recommend regular cleaning with warm soapy water and soft grit free cloth.
Beware of household cleaners as they may contain chemicals that can affect some finishes and base metals. Please check the label before use.
Never use scouring pads or cleaning pads impregnated with abrasive cleaners.
If unsure or for further details contact us

General Guarantee

Greg Steele Trading, Kethy Australia unconditionally guarantees our products against defects in workmanship or materials, subject to fair wear and tear within the normal working life of the product.
We cannot be liable if the products are subject to:
   -Incorrect installation or failure to follow instructions.
   -Use of a product for which it was not designed.
   -Improper or lack of maintenance.

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